Our sole focus is implementing programs that provide insight and solutions to those who can benefit the most – the underserved in both our local community and developing world. Our goal is to create high-impact opportunities by bringing the brightest minds, and focused work into areas where we generate simple solutions for systemic problems.

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The World Summit of Nobel Laureates meeting in Warsaw, Poland in 2013 brought our team together under the auspice of creating a worldwide young leaders initiative. Enzo Cursio, Vice president of the Nobel laureates group, selected Michael Henderson to launch group and spearhead the initiative. After a two hour planning meeting with Professor Mohammad Yunus, the Nobel winner challenged us to harness our global networks to solve global problems with technology. With that charge, we’ve created Doing Development.

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Mahatma Gandhi
“The future depends on what you do today.”
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What Are We Up To?

Our Work


We are a team of thinkers, shapers, and most importantly DO-ers that are tackling some of the biggest problems facing the developing world.

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    Entrepreneur, Author and Connector

    "You make the dots and we connect them."

    Michael Henderson is an entrepreneur, children’s book writer, international connector, and organizer who wants to share his passion for fun, youth programming, technology education, and cultural exchange with the world. Michael is the founder of “Doing Development.” He was born and raised in Austin, Texas and studied Philosophy and Economics at Howard University. His work has taken him around the world with documentary crews and renowned conferences. In the past few years Michael, voyaged to Oman, Morocco, Poland Russia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Mexico, Qatar, South Africa, and Ecuador. He’s sat with Nobel laureates, world leaders, and young up-and-comers. Michael produces the website www.michaeldhenderson.org, where he showcases international development projects both on culture, education, and business.

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    "Sometimes the best way is the hard way"

    Christopher Pruijsenwas the youngest-ever President of Oxford Entrepreneurs when he attended the University of Oxford, where he matriculated at age 17. Chris co-founded StartupBus Africa after having co-founded FounderBus UK. He organized the Startup Career Launchpad conference for NACUE in London (April ’13) which counted over 435 attendees and 75 speakers during 2 days. Chris is co-founder and CEO of Sterio.me, an mLearning startup with a revolutionary approach to mobile learning. Sterio.me uses pre-recorded and interactive audio lessons, which are sent to the learner via an SMS-triggered inbound voice call over the GSM network – no Internet or smartphone required. Sterio.me started on StartupBus Africa and was honored as Finalist at the 2014 Harvard Africa Business Conference, MIT Africa Innovate Conference and Mobile World Congress “4YFN” and was named by FastCompany as one of the “10 Most Innovative Companies in Africa”.

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    Neuroscientist and Entrepreneur

    "Ours is a world that requires nothing less than linking empathy and compassion to reasoned plans that harness it to meaningful action."

    Marcin Kowrygo is a graduate student of neurobiology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. A former president of the Student Neuroscience Society and the co-organizer of many scientific events, including two past international conferences “NEURONUS IBRO & IRUN Neuroscience Forum”, he currently serves as a scientific supervisor of Quantified Self Poland community he launched in 2012, dedicated to self-tracking research, mobile solutions in personalized healthcare and big data analytics. He’s also a partnership director within the Polish region of Kairos Society, a non-profit organization based in the United States devoted to finding and empowering the young pioneers who will push the world forward through entrepreneurship and innovation. As a certified biofeedback trainer, the member of Polish Neuroscience Society and the Polish Society of Clinical Neurophysiology, he derives much satisfaction from advocating scientific literacy, debunking pseudoscience and searching for the practical implications stemming from the brain research. A skeptic, enthusiast of ISS and space exploration. Marcin is a nonpartisan candidate to the European Parliament in 2014 elections.

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    "Try Not. Do - or do not - There is no try."

    Scott Akers received his undergraduate degree in Accounting from The University of the Pacific in Stockton California, and has received his Masters from the University of Texas – Austin in Technology Commercialization.  He is a die hard entrepreneur that has been everywhere from selling hot chocolate in the rain to starting award winning video management companies and designing the next wave of Education Technology software for Higher Education.   He has done development for the University of Texas, helping Launch 2 Massively Open Online Courses with over 1.5 million minutes viewed and more than half a million unique views and seeks ways to continue spreading the reach of education throughout the developing world.  His goal is to create waves in global education with unique projects and programs that extend the reach of the classroom from the brick and mortar to every corner of the earth.
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    Alex Anthony

    Global Communications

    About Alex Anthony

    Alex Anthony St. Urbain graduated with dual degrees from Georgia State University in Marketing and Business Economics. During his time at GSU,  Alex was the Vice President of the Haitian Student Association where he mobilized the community to donate non perishable goods to assist in the earthquake relief effort. For two years, Alex was also a leader in his local chapter of AIESEC, the worlds largest student run organization, which is dedicated to fulfilling humankind’s potential. During those two years Alex attended, organized and facilitated conferences for students throughout the US, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Belgium and Turkey. Since graduation Alex has completed two years of work in the private sector. One year at Porsche Cars North America in Atlanta and he is currently a Global Communications Trainee in at UCB in Brussels, Belgium. Alex’s interests include developing global leaders, sustainable development in the third world, international peacekeeping and global youth unemployment. 

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    About Sardor

    Sardor studied Business Management and Finance at the University of Memphis. In the midst of earning his degree, Sardor worked closely with Sunshine Uzbekistan, a group that promotes human rights, socioeconomic & democratic reforms in Uzbekistan, to free his father who was being held unjustly as a political prisoner in Uzbekistan. After the family gained their father’s release in 2009, Sardor went on to found a group of companies in construction, hotel development, web presence & internet marketing, and a retail chain of lifestyle electronics stores. He was featured in the Memphis Business journal among the top young entrepreneurs in the Memphis area and is currently focusing on transformation of a downtown high-rise into a hotel and apartment complex, the first of it’s kind in the city of Memphis.

    Sardor envisions using his acquired knowledge to aid developing countries in utilizing the most current technology that benefit the myriad societies around the globe. A glimpse of this vision includes the implementation of alternate power sources, establishing social businesses, which will turn profits back into the community, and creating networks between villages using auto-piloted drones that could carry medicine and food to improve the quality of life in developing nations.

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    Chief Marketing Officer

    "Care, compassion, concern"

    Paris Taylor is a Texas hill-country native and CMO at Doing Development. After co-founding his first venture at 15, he studied English Literature at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. He subsequently moved to Austin to follow his two passions: poetry and marketing. From the words he chooses, to his marketing approach, he carefully considers every detail. Paris is a strong balance of analytical and emotional; he’s serious, seeks excellence, and cannot ignore his fundamental commitment to purpose, impact and serving the underserved. Paris has an end-to-end understanding of ventures and easily connects the dots across various sub-components (marketing, finance, HR, operations, etc). Most importantly, he has big goals for the future of Doing Development.

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    "From those to whom much is given, much is expected."

    Dara Vongphrachanh studied Finance at the University of Memphis; she is a first generation college graduate. In her early professional career, Dara obtained knowledge in sales and marketing to supplement her finance background while working for a Fortune 100 company.  She became president of a finance talent development program within the company, led her team through an acquisition integration in a transaction worth $4.3 billion, and also served as a business advisor to senior leaders.  Her main focus during this time was on value creation in international and domestic markets; identifying areas of opportunity to maximize company profitability. A Memphis native, now Dara is co-owner of Elefont Group with Sardor Umarov, which specializes in business optimization through strategy and marketing. She carries a strong passion for philanthropy and has done work with several charities including the Ronald McDonald House, Youth Villages and United Way.  Dara’s goal is to lend a helping hand to motivated underprivileged children; providing them with an equal opportunity to succeed.

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    Creative Director

    "Show, Don't Tell"

    Moyo Oyelola is the Creative Director for “Doing Development” and he was simply born to create. Moyo moved to the United States at a young age from Nigeria, spending most of his life in the Austin area, where received a BS in Advertising from The University of Texas. He’s also the Creative Director of a software company called Remark a 500 start up company. In addition, previously a mentor and designer with Techstars in Austin, Texas, thus enhancing and amplifying their visions through multiple creative mediums. Moyo is an avid believer in “show, don’t tell” and believes that one can change the world by simply empowering the lives of those around us. When he’s not designing, shooting pictures, or building, you can find him on trips and adventures that deepen and expand his vision. Website: http://www.melements.me

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    About Vital

    Vital Sounouvou, an entreprepeur from Benin and IT graduate from the UIT de Calais in France, Vital serves as facilitator between investors and government entities. He founded Exportunity in 2012, a company enabling trade and investment in Africa. Fellow of President Obama’s Initiative for Young African Leaders (YALI), he is active at numerous events and trade shows in West and Central Africa, USA, Russia and United Arab Emirates, Vital also is an agent for numerous companies acting in sub-Saharan Africa. He is fluent in English, French and several local languages.

    Website: http://www.exportunity.com/

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    Technology Consultant

    About Andrew

    Andrew Daly is a passionate learner and doer with varied experience ranging from selling cupcakes to working on the cutting edge of patent litigation. He studied International Relations and Arabic Language at American University, where he performed research on behalf of the French Academy of Sciences and worked with the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study Abroad Program. He now works in technology transfer and consulting, where he shares his passion for solving complex problems with elegant technical solutions with his clients. He has generated positive outcomes for clients in wireless networking, lighting, automotive technology, and virtual reality, among other spaces. Andrew’s work has taken him around the world to Egypt, Argentina, Belize, Ukraine, and Korea, where he has worked with some of the world’s largest technology companies and innovative startups. His goal is to create and drive sustainable change in the developing world with unique technological solutions.